Carpet Installation and Removal

From new flooring installation to carpeting, Santa Clara Flooring can get the job done for you, all with ease and precision.

Are you tired of your current carpet such that you want to tear it out? Before tearing it out, consider if the carpet can be reused elsewhere and what it takes to remove a carpet. Carpet is attached to edges of walls using tack strips to keep carpeting tight and in place. 

Carpet Installation And Removal Service

A carpet is bulky and heavy; hence it needs to be removed by someone strong. After prying the carpet from the tacks, you have to pry the floor’s tack strips to remove the old carpet pad

Carpet installation is done with either glue or staples, and if your carpet were installed using glue, you would have to work extra hard to scrape off the glue. Carpet installation is equally tasking. Thus, you have it done by a professional floor installation service. 

Carpet Installation And Removal Service

When you hire us for carpet installation, we will advise you on the right pad for the carpet to avoid the carpet's quick wear and tear.