Tips On How To Protect Your New Carpet

Have you just bought a new carpet floor for the first time? Several homeowners confirm to find it difficult protecting and maintaining their carpet floors. Maintaining our carpets is very simple. Carpets are integral in our homes, especially floors, because they add a sense of elegance to our houses. One secret is to ensure they remain soft and fluffy. Several threats affect the elegance of carpets, including stains and dust. As you keep scrolling through this article, you will familiarize yourself with tips to help keep your carpet spic and span.

How To Protect Your Carpet

It is everyone’s expectation to have a good-looking carpet. But, how will this be possible without knowledge on how to protect it? Keep away from high vacuum areas and ensure general body cleanliness, especially your feet.

Keep Away From High Traffic Areas


It is integral you know areas in your house with high traffic. They include the hail way and front door. Such areas need to be avoided because these are regions highly exposed to dirt. Our living rooms and bedrooms are the most recommended areas to install carpets. This is because the regions are warm and cozy.

General Feet Cleanliness


Ensure that your carpet is not directly exposed to dust by maintaining general feet cleanliness. Before laying your feet on the carpet, ascertain that they are clean and that they won’t cause havoc to your carpet. Humbly explain to your visitors the significance of wiping their feet with no intentions of humiliation. As a reminder to the visitors, buy slippers and place them at the house’s entrance.

Frequently Vacuum


Regardless of following all these measures, the fact is that a time will come when your carpet will be exposed to dirt. How do you counter this? Frequent vacuuming of your carpet is recommended at least weekly. This helps eliminate any threats like allergens and dust that might stop your carpet from glittering.

Using A Carpet Protector


A combination of vacuuming and applying carpet-protecting spray is highly recommended. This is a carpet protecting mechanism that helps maintain the excellent and healthy condition of your carpet. Take caution before using the carpet protector spray for the first time. Test it a small part and assess whether it works best or gives you the desired results. Using the wrong spray is likely to impact your carpet adversely.

Ensure Thorough Cleaning and Staining


The moment your carpet gets exposed to any threats, you need to look for a way of protecting your carpet urgently. This will help prevent further damage, especially when dirt gets to the bottom of the carpet. Avoid rubbing the carpet when exposed to stains to prevent the stains from going deeper or causing wearing out. The solution is bloating the stained region, and when about to dry, drain it. This is very integral in not only keeping your carpet shining but also safe and sound from damage.

Look for Professional Help


Yes, you have mastered the art of protecting your carpet, but it is also necessary to seek professional help from those offering the relevant services. This helps maintain its durability and quality. Do not shy off from the expenses because it’s for the good of your carpet.

Is Vacuuming A New Carpet Necessary?


The answer is Yes; a carpet, whether new or not, should be vacuumed regularly. Once done with carpeting installation, eliminate any debris installed on it.

Protecting Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas

You will achieve this by using carpet protector sprays and regular vacuuming. However, the most recommended way is hiring professionals in carpet cleaning.

Following these guidelines will help maintain the condition of your newly bought carpet, leaving it to glitter all day long. For a clean, fluffy, and good-looking carpet, you are free to contact one of the Santa Clara, CA top-ranking carpet cleaning companies, Santa Clara Flooring. Reach the company through its phone number: (408)-789-8995 and enjoy quality services.

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