Trending Carpet Colors in 2021 

Our floors are no longer an afterthought and designing your home has never been a more intriguing task. Carpets have become a very trendy way of bringing about splashes of color, patterns, and designs into our homes. The cozy impression and the plush feeling you get on your feet is something that wooden flooring fails to achieve.


With all the latest carpet trends for 2021, deciding which of these trends would fit perfectly for your home can be quite a challenge. Be it the sophistication that grey creates, or the warmth and tranquility that natural tones give you, all these new carpet trends portray their unique charm that would win you over. It, therefore, comes down to your style with a blend of design aesthetics and also not forgetting the ability to transition exceptionally from the mid-century modern style to the next trend.

Here are some of the 2021 carpet trends that are transforming homes.

Natural Tones

Natural tones have passed the test of time and have only gotten more popular in 2021. This trend comes with a variety of colors each of which will be able to give you a sense of isolation from the real chaotic world.

A simple current carpet trend can transform your monotonous gloomy office into a tropical redwood forest. The earthy tones for example the Ash Grove can warm up your room and still have that brightness you did not want to alter.

Maybe you’re wondering how best to complement this particular trend, it is a pleasure to note that neutral colors pair well with grounded earthy hues, and the brown-toned carpets would look lovely once paired with colors such as mocha, gold, shades of blue, and delicate pine green. Décor such as wool, sisal, and stone give your room the final breathtaking touch.



If your taste is refined but chic with a bit of classiness, then this current carpet trend will give you that sophisticated ambiance. It comes in a variety of forms from dark tones such as Zinc Gray and light gray to lighter shades such as Storm.

To add to its endless list of advantages, gray creates a flawless base for any décor that you might already have. Its ability to be complimented and not overshadowed makes it perfect for vibrant colors, metals, and other wood tones.

To give you a hint on how best to complement this new carpet trend, rich velvet furniture, metals, glass accents and mirrors are a great choice.


Blended Mixtures

If you are stuck between two single-color fibers, then these 2021 carpet trends have made your choice much simpler. Instead of choosing one, you can now get both in a perfect and seamless blend of two complementary tones.

Such blends include Iron Frost and Pavestone and they have the exceptional ability to suit a modern and rustic home. They effortlessly achieve texture, intensity, and visual appeal.

This trend can be complemented by industrial-styled furniture for a contemporary feel and wood tones would give you a cozy feel.



There are surprisingly over 30 nature-inspired neutrals and these colors simply amplify your personality, which is reflected in your home. Porcelain and Tapioca are examples of lighter shades.

These neutral colors easily bring attention to that painting you have on your wall or any other show-stopping feature in your home. They create a smooth drift from one aspect of your room to the next.

We here at Santa Clara Flooring offer you these versatile and breathtaking trends that will transform any room. These selections of 2021 carpet trends are aimed at making your choice simpler by offering you all of the best under one roof. Email us at or contact us through our Phone No.: (408) 789-8995.

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